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Interim Joint Matriculation Board Programme

In 1976, Interim Common Services Agency (ICSA) established the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB). The Interim Joint Matriculation Board was established by the then government of the old Northern Region of Nigeria to offer educational and social services to the people of the Northern region.

The first examination organized by Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB was conducted in 1977 for all candidates who had undergone the IJMBE post secondary education programme in the existing schools of Basic/Preliminary studies which had substituted the HSCE.

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    Cambridge Advanced levels

cie alevels

This programme is designed to prepare students for successful entry into tertiary institutions around the world and it is equally accepted worldwide for employment. The curriculum focuses on mix knowledge, understanding and skill and the syllabi comprises of two parts:
• Advanced subsidiary (AS) syllabus covering the first half of the-
• Advanced level (A2) syllabus incorporating the first part of the course.
Crowned heights tutors we help students effectively manage the transition from O-level to A-level by helping them to develop study skills and techniques that will help them master the A-level curriculum and get well prepared for the examination. The programme includes study skills course, time management and revision techniques with intensive coaching that adequately groom students to pass A-Level examination with good grades and also develop the right attitude needed for excellence in academics. The center is registered with both the Cambridge University GCE and London University GCE (EDEXCEL), and validated by Britsh Council.

For students who have completed SSCE exams, successful completion of A-level examination will enable to gain entry into year 2 in any Nigerian University. The programme is available in Sciences, social sciences and Arts Subjects available include: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, History, Sociology, Business Management and Accounting Economics.

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The Graduate Management Admissions Test is a test that used to asses the Verbal, Mathematical , Analytical and reading skills of individuals seeking admission into graduate management programs like the MBA in standard written english. it main aim is to assess the analytical writing and problem-solving abilities of test takers while also addressing data sufficiency

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