Loyola Jesuit Common Entrance

Crown Heights Professional tutors specialize in grooming students for Loyola Jesuit and Jesuit memorial exams and other grade A entrance examinations. Our teachers are cut out for making students who registered for any of the afore-mentioned examinations to pass convincingly. We have high profile English and Math teachers. Our English teachers with their wealth of experience in the subject, will enable your students do excellently especially in the comprehension and composition aspects of English language and any other areas. In the same view, our mathematics teachers know their ‘Onus’ and are Inclined to making our students do excellently well in mathematics.

In conclusion, our teachers shall surpass your expectation in delivering our services.

Do you want your wards sitting for LOYOLA JESUIT and JESUIT MEMORIAL to pass convincingly? It is then incumbent on you (the parents) to afford then this opportunity that Crown Heights Professional Tutors is offering.